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June 7th Meeting

  • We will be holding our Annual Elections for the executive and other vacant positions. Please consider volunteering to help out as 'many hands make light work'

  • We will also be holding our People's Choice Competition. This is a fun competition where those present will vote on their favourite piece. Please consider submitting some of your work for the competition (completed within the past 36 months). If you cant attend, contact us and arrangements can be made to collect at one of the clutches.

Comfort birds carved by members to donate- thanks to all who band sawed the roughouts and those who carved the final product. We have a lovely assortment for someone in need!

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Impromptu West End Clutch

Sat. April 13, we will be having a clutch at the Nepean Creative Arts Center in room 7 from 9-2:30, feel free to drop in and do some carving.


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