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About Our Club

 Outaouais Wood Carvers (OWC) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1982. Its aims and objectives are to promote fellowship among woodcarvers, interest in the art of woodcarving/pyrography, and to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge from experienced carvers to novice carvers.

 There is a monthly general meeting (September to June) where members obtain updates from the executive team, exchange ideas and technical know-how about woodcarving, inspire others and obtain ideas/suggestions. Members are encouraged to display their work(s) or items they have found/bought during Show and Tell, and to take part in our monthly Wood Wizard Challenge.

 Members also have the opportunity to attend weekly meetings called the East End Clutch and the West End Clutch. These gatherings provide a place for members to work on their carving/pyrography, take part in a project (if planned for that clutch) and get or give additional advice/help about woodcarving and pyrography.

 The club also offers special classes which usually takes place on a Saturday, allowing for a full day of learning and hands-on carving/pyrography. 

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President: Charlie Brimley
Vice President and Program Director: David Mears
Past President: John Bowser
Treasurer: Bob Gander
Secretary: Pam Laprise

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