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January 3rd Monthly Meeting

Great start to the New Year!

Wood Wizard: We had 11 entries for the wizard which were walking sticks/cane toppers.

1st place went to Erich for his winding snake walking stick.

2nd place went to Sue for her folksy walking stick.

3rd place went to Charlie for his owl cane topper.

HM to Erich for his Hawk head cane topper.

Show and tell was also well represented.

Erich showed us a Head carving that he is finishing up as requested by someone who donated supplies to the club. His mother started carving in her 80's and was carving up to a week before she passed in her mid 90's. It's never too late to start carving. Erich also had some purple heart wood that was gifted to him, which he used to carve a comfort bird and a whale, also some of his 'good luck pigs'.

Charlie has been steadily working on his mallard drake and explained how he had to carve the curved tail feathers from hardwood as basswood was too delicate. Feet are done now and onto burning in the feathers.

Vic presented a Moravian star and explained how his first attempt with glitter paint was not successful as the glitter is suspended in clear solution. This was remedied by applying a coloured base coat followed by the glitter paint.

Catherine has been busy carving soapstone and showed us several of her soapstone carvings made from various colours of soapstone which come from different places in the world.

Bob T brought in a beaver lumberjack, complete with sled and tree.

Francois brought in a gavel and the pyro'd sound block that he did to use at work at the Sprott School of Business.

Bob G. has been hard at work creating brain twisters! a tetrahedron and a triscallion.

Colin showed us a birdhouse with a greenman front, carved rook. The entry hole for the birds is under the nose, the stick in his mouth is the perch.

And to complete the meeting, we all sat down to carve some Moravian stars.

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