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February 7th, Monthly Meeting

We had another good turnout, and after Show and Tell & Wood Wizard, folks were invited to carve either a small sample of lettering or a small mushroom (modeled after Doug Linker's)

Wood Wizard: theme was kohlrossing or pyrography this month

1st place went to John for his kohlrossed spoons with ballon and poppy

2nd place went to Erich for his carved hand which he decorated with Pyro

3rd place went to Bob G for his pyro'd Bison and flower

Honorable mention went to Bob T's walnut spoons

Show and Tell was well represented this month

John brought in a sample of his fishing lures, which we will be carving at the April meeting, and a picture of the relief carving he will be teaching in Feb. and March.

Larry brought in 2 wood spirits, one with light dry brushing of white paint to highlight the beard, moustache and brows.

Lois brought in 2 pieces which were done by members who have since passed on, the small flower by Franz Ohler, and the relief carved Jesus by Gord Hogan.

Bob T brought in cross with hearts carved into it, hopefully for his lovely wife!

Todd brought in a large piece of walnut, with Big Rideau lake carved into it and filled with epoxy.

Bob G brought in a Mobius strip, a spoon carved from Lodgepole pine which he challenged us to find repairs in, also a study stick for the upcoming class and a small Olfa saw blade.

Erich brought in a small Chickadee which he found at VV which was quite well done, unfortunately not signed. he also entertained us with a yodeling pickle ornament.

Pam brought in an old pyro piece which she had tried to replicate with kohlrossing for the WW

Charlie brought in a work in progress of a Moray Eel and Clownfish. We look forward to seeing the final result although that eel sure is nasty looking!

George brought in a dreamcatcher with several carved wooden feathers.

Colin brought in a partially carved bear which he bought at the Dec. auction. Not happy with the head which he has replaced twice and will also re-align one of the front paws

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