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January and February Clutch activity

Well, the East End Clutch has been busy this year.

  • First, John had us carving little penguins.

  • Two weeks later, Bob had us tied in knots, carving a Celtic knot, some tackled true 3-D, most of us did a relief style of the same pattern.

  • Two weeks after that, Bob was tickling our fancy by having us carve a feather which is the theme for the March Wood Wizard.

  • This past Fri, a few of us did soap carving with the students at the ARC Studio School which runs in the church. The children were so engaged that the hour flew by. It also generated interest among our members as several came down to see what we were doing. Special shout out to Rick and Rita who introduced this to me years ago and loaned me their patterns and tools for soap carving. I think the children did a wonderful job and perhaps will take up carving in the future.

I have been very remiss in not getting any photos from the West End Clutch. We all work on our own thing at this clutch, and I guess I just get busy with knife to wood and completely forget about pictures! Someone please remind me.

Tough group though, as 9 folks turned up the Fri after we had freezing rain the end of January. The main roads were OK, but you had to get out to them first! Easier for some than others.

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